PHD student
LMO (Orsay) and LJLL (Paris)
under the supervision of Valeria Banica and Nicolas Burq.

LJLL, bureau 15-16 301, 
4 place de Jussieu,  
75013 PARIS

IMO, bureau 3S8,
Bâtiment 307 rue Michel Maguat 
91405 ORSAY


Centers of interest:
My work is about the binormal flow and its link with the 1D-cubic non linear Schrödinger equation.

Upcoming preprints:
A new class of critical solution for 1D-cubic NLS
On self-similar singularity formation for the binormal flow


2020-201 & 2021-2022 at Paris-Saclay University
ODE for L3 maths
Linear Algebra for L2 physicists 
Linear Algebra for L3 maths

Parallèle Pédagogique, transposition des outils d’un magicien à l’enseignement
given for teachers of Paris-Saclay University
December 6th, 2021; March 8th, 2022
upcoming dates in October 2022


Aside from mathematics, I am also a performing magician. You can find further information about this here.